Retention, i.e. maintaining the treatment result

After orthodontic treatment, the teeth recede. To prevent this, lifelong retention is necessary. There are transparent retention aligners to keep the result. Read more here.

A retainer or a wire behind the teeth is not suitable for retention. Since the tooth map is extended throughout, it is necessary to maintain the new position of all teeth. The retainer is fixed only on six front teeth. There is also a big risk that the retainer will break or deform, so the desired result will quickly dissapear.

Retention aligner info!

1. In the case of a retention aligner, the instructions given by the doctor must be followed.
2. The aligner must be picked up at the appointed time. Later, the aligner may not fit, and a new device will cost.
3. Remove the aligner from the mouth while eating.
4. For the first 2 months, wear the aligners all the time (22h/day).
5. For the next 2 months, wear the aligners every night and half the day (18h/day).
6. Then wear the aligners only at night (8 hours / day).
7. Due to smoking and drinks containing pigments, the color of the aligner may change.
8. Clean the aligners in the morning and in the evening under running water using liquid soap/neutral dishwashing detergent and a toothbrush.
9. Avoid toothpaste that deposits on the aligner. Avoid boiling water.
10. Use a box to store the aligner. Dogs are very attracted to orthodontic appliances and will chew them to pieces. Keep your device in a place where the dog cannot reach it.
11. If the aligner causes rubbing in the mouth or redness of the mucous membrane, make an appointment for a visit.
12. If the aligner is lost or broken, the new Essix aligners needs to be bought (no matter for what reason and no matter how quickly. Including in case of wear).
13. To maintain an ideal result, lifelong retention is necessary.
14. To maintain the bite, it is necessary to wear a aligners on both upper and lower teeth.
15. The aligners could be changed as needed or when the aligner is worn.
16. If you keep the aligner model, it is basically possible to make a new aligner based on it later, but we are not responsible for its exact fit.
17. The patient must come to the aligners him/herself. If you send someone else to pick up the aligners and later it turns out that the aligners doesn’t fit, then new one will cost. See the Pricing