We understand that treatment with aligners is a big investment, that’s why we have created a partnership with Inbank, which allows you to pay for the treatment conveniently in installments.

Orthodontic treatment pricing

The cost of the visit usually consists of the sum of the prices of the different procedures. For example, to prepare a treatment plan, it is necessary to scan the teeth, perform photodiagnostics, analyze digital X-rays and 3D X-rays.

  • Consultation 30 €
  • Orthodontic treatment with aligners 3500 €
  • Diagnostics (photos, 3D-scanning ) 60€
  • Digital treatment plan €260
  • Retention aligners Essix 120 €
  • Desorientation aligner 260 €
  • Fast palatinal expender 320 €
  • No-show fee 30 €
    Medical bills can be paid in cash, with a bank card or with Inbank installments.

    With Inbank’s installment payment, you can turn a large one-time outlay into a small monthly expenses and conveniently pay for the orthodontic service in installments.
    Take more time to pay and spread the amount over up to 5 years. First payment starts after a month.

    Inbank installment payment terms:

    • Fundable amount 100 – 10 000 €
    • Period 3 – 60 months
    • Deposit €0
    • Interest 9%
    • Administration fee €0.9
    • Contract fee 15 €

    Transfer invoices are not issued to patients!