Frequently asked questions

What are aligners?

The aligners are strong and durable, very thin and transparent forms made of biomedical polymer. Transparent aligners are installed over the entire dental arch and can be independently removed from the mouth for eating and cleaning.

Treatment with aligners is aesthetic and discreet and offers a quick, painless and comfortable process. Caps are almost imperceptible in the mouth and therefore do not significantly affect speech.
Also, aligning teeth with aligners only causes minimal tooth sensitivity (mainly during the first days of wearing a new aligner) and therefore aligners are preferred over braces.

We use the transparent aligners systemOrdoline , which is primarly intended for aligning the teeth of adults.

Course of treatment

Treatment planning is done digitally and is based on a painless scan of the teeth with a scanner

Accurate diagnostics and digital planning are prerequisites for successful aligner treatment

Alignment of teeth occurs simultaneously in the upper and lower dental arches.

We will receive the first 15-20 aligners within 2-3 weeks. You can get the rest of the aligners when, after 15-20 aligners, everything has moved as expected.

In order for the treatment to be successful

In order for treatment with aligners to work, you need to be diligent and consistent and follow the orthodontist’s instructions.

The aligners system only works if you wear the aligners 22 hours a day. There must be no aligner-free days during treatment. The aligners may only be removed for eating, drinking and brushing teeth.

At a time, the aligners should be out of the mouth for a maximum of 30 minutes, and the less, the better.

You can read more about the side effects and risks of aligners therapyhere.

Using the aligners

Aligners must be worn 22 hours a day. Aligners are changed every 14 days, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor.

Aligners must always be removed for eating. You can drink only cool water. Store the aligners in the designated box.

Wearing aligners, especially speaking, definitely takes some getting used to at first. You can read helpful instructions here

Duration of treatment with aligners

Teeth straightening with aligners lasts approximately one to two years. In some cases, it is possible to align the teeth even faster, for example in 8 months.

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