Transparent aligners for teeth straightening

Clear aligners are a part of orthodontic treatment specially designed to align the teeth, change the position of the teeth and correct the bite. These aligners are made of biocompatible material, which ensures their safety and comfort in use.

The aligners are installed over the entire dental arch and have the advantage of being able to independently remove them from the mouth for eating and cleaning the teeth. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods and maintain oral hygiene without restrictions. Straightening teeth with aligners offers an aesthetic and discreet solution, as they are barely noticeable in the mouth.

Our teeth straightening treatment focuses on a system of clear aligners by Ordoline, specially developed for straightening adult teeth. The Ordoline system ensures a quick, painless and comfortable process, allowing you to achieve the desired results without discomfort and a long treatment period.


Aligners are barely noticeable in the mouth


You get used to wearing capes quickly


The aligners are hypoallergenic


At the first visit, we collect information about the current state of your teeth. We evaluate the bite and determine the status of the teeth. The length of the first visit is 30 minutes and the price is 30 €, which you pay already when booking the consultation.

No referral or special preparations are required for the initial consultation


The second visit is to collect detailed information for the preparation of a treatment plan. We scan the entire dentition using a 3D scanner, analyze the X-rays and also take photos of the bite so that changes and progress during treatment can be monitored. All these procedures help the attending physician to prepare an individual and precise treatment plan. The cost for this visit is 320 €.

Treatment plan

At the third visit, the treatment plan is discussed and aligners are ordered. Before ordering the aligners, we will introduce the treatment plan and answer all your questions. If you decide to start aligner treatment, it is necessary to pay for the aligners during this visit, and the cost comes with a total of 3500 €.

Further visits

Further visits during aligner treatment include regular check-ups and follow-ups to assess the progress of the teeth and make adjustments to the treatment process if necessary.

These visits may include replacing the aligners with new ones as scheduled to assess further movement and healing of the teeth. The attending physician carefully monitors the progress of the teeth and gives instructions and recommendations to the patient to ensure the best results during aligner treatment.

Why prefer aligners to braces

Advantages of transparent aligners

The aligners are barely noticeable in the mouth and the effect on speech is minimal

Painless, a slight feeling of exertion during the first days

Fewer doctor visits (every 2-4 months)

More durable, emergencies rarely occur

Comfortable, removable during eating and cleaning

Does not affect oral hygiene

The duration of treatment is more predictable

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods

Cons of braces

Braces are more noticeable and awkward

They often rub the cheeks and lips and cause irritation

Monthly doctor visits

Braces can come loose, wires can break

Cannot be removed

It is difficult to brush the teeth, tartar can form between the braces

Treatment may be longer and more expensive than expected

Restrictions on eating

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