Golden braces

Gilded braces are aesthetically pleasing alternatives for white and metallic braces and can also be used with nickel allergies. The braces are made from stainless steel and covered with 24 degree gold and are as effective as are so called regular metallic braces. The braces are glued on the outside of the teeth and fixed with the help of gilded ligatures on the gilded archwire.

The upper arch will cost approximately 780 euros. Golden braces can also be fixed on the lower teeth and the cost will be the same, 780 euros. To prevent wearing, it is possible to raise the bite with temporary fillings or special kind of ligatures. The braces system is adjusted every 4-8 weeks and the monthly visit will cost around 100 euros. After the braces are removed, a fixed retainer wire will be placed on the back side of the teeth and a removable retainer appliance will be produced. The removal of the upper braces and the making of the retainer Essix costs 100 euros. The thin retainer wire is glued on the back of the teeth and also costs 100 euros. The price of removing the braces from the bottom teeth and installing the retainer is 100 euros. The Essix is made for wearing at night, but the retainer is often worn during the whole life time.

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