Orthodontic cure with braces

Jan 26 •
The health of the teeth relies greatly on dental hygiene. Straight teeth are easier to clean and the risk of caries and other gum diseases is smaller. It is difficult for the dentist to offer the best treatment opportunities when bite problems have not been solved. The filling of tilted and twisted teeth will start to break and it is more difficult to prepare the prosthesis.

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to straighten the teeth and stabilise the bite. Many adults turn to the orthodontist on the recommendation of their dentist but actually a referral is not needed for the first consultation nor is it needed to prepare in any way.

Treatment of bite problems should start in the childhood because then it is possible to affect the development of the jaw. For orthodontic cure of primary teeth, plates that are removable from the mouth and mechanisms fixed on the teeth are used, but the finishing touch is done with a braces system.    

After fixing the braces the uncomfortableness is not big because the archwire that is straightening the teeth activates with warmth. Other problems will unravel when the teeth are not cleaned regularly and efficiently. The food parts that are left on the teeth will start collecting bacteria which is the cause of gingivitis and bleeding gums. If mouth hygiene is not correct, the bone surrounding the teeth will recess and the teeth will start moving.

In conclusion, modern braces are quite undetectable and it is possible to buy helpful resources from apothecaries to maintain an ideal mouth hygiene during the orthodontic treatment.

If you have been planning to take action on Your teeth but have not taken any because of Your age then the right thing to do is to turn to a specialist for a consultation. Orthodontic treatment will help to keep the whole bite healthy and a beautiful teeth line provides a more confident smile. 

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