Oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment

Dec 21 •

Decent mouth hygiene is a presumption for a successful orthodontic treatment. Bacterial plaque damages the surface of the teeth and causes remineralisation, which is the cause of white spots on the teeth. These white spots are especially visible after the removal of braces. Defects caused by bad oral hygiene can only be made aesthetic by using dental fillings. Careful brushing and using toothpaste that contains fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel. 

Gum Sunstars orthodontic equipment for oral hygiene:

In addition to regular brushing using a toothpaste in the morning and at night, mouthwash and dental floss should also be used. Gum Sunstar has worked out hygiene products specially for patients with braces. Orthodontic toothbrushes and interdental brushes have a specific from and size and are comfortable to use for brushing between the teeth and the arch wire.

Brushing can only clean  3/4 of the surface of the teeth. Flossing can help to remove plaque not only between the teeth but from the gum pocket as well, which helps to prevent gingivitis. Orthodontic floss has a waxed ending and is use to use to access the arch wire of the braces. This kind of floss can also be used to clean the retention wire.

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