Metallic braces

Metallic braces are usually placed on the outside of the teeth and are connected to the archwire with invisible ligatures.

Braces are usually bonded to the upper teeth first and the approximate price is 700 euros. After some months the orthodontist will fix braces on the lower teeth and the cost will also be 700 euros. The braces system is adjusted every 4-8 weeks and the monthly visit will cost around 100-200 euros. The cure process usually takes one to two years. During the treatment it is important to activate the system and change the archwire. After the braces are removed, a fixed retainer wire will be placed on the back side of the teeth and a removable retainer appliance will be produced. The removal of the upper braces and the making of the retainer Essix costs 120 euros.   The Essix is made for wearing at night, but the retainer is often worn during the whole life time.


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