Ceramic braces

White braces are usually produced from white ceramics with the connecting archwire being covered with white material, which make the braces less visible. 

The biomechanical characteristics of ceramic braces are similar to metallic braces. The biggest difference is that the hardness of ceramics may cause wearing of the opposite teeth. For that reason, ceramic braces are more recommended for upper teeth. The upper arch will cost approximately 650 euros. It is not recommended to fix ceramic braces on the bottom teeth as they would cause wearing to the edges of the upper teeth. Metallic braces are fixed on the bottom teeth to cure the bite and the cost is 600 euros. It is sometimes necessary to raise the bite with temporary fillings or special kind of ligatures to avoid biting off the braces on the bottom teeth. The braces system is adjusted every 4-8 weeks and the monthly visit will cost around 100-200 euros. After the braces are removed, a a removable retainer appliance will be produced.The removal of the upper braces and the making of the retainer Essix costs 120 euros. The Essix is made for wearing at night, but it is often worn during the whole life time.


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